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folks there, mixed emotions at kennedy space center. a million people when it goes up >> t an era. the end of away ld be just hours from the final space shuttle launch ever. >> good morning, washington. t is friday, july 8. your start as always with affic and weather every 10 minutes. adam caskey here with the latest watches and warnings. we have a flash flood watch that will take effect. heavy rainfall is expected later on today. he bulk falling this afternoon and evening and even into the early nighttime hours. let's get right to it. ake a look at that flash flood watch.
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that will take place later on today. green. unty shaded in pretty much everybody with the ception of washington, jefferson, frederick county, virginia. m scan. our stor nothing happening right now of the an north ason/dixon line. parts of ohio down to tennessee, we are expecting the eastward and development out ahead of. i around lunchtime we'll see our first storm start to develop. then some heavy showers and downpours through the afternoon and evening. high temperatures in the mid 80's. e could see localized rainfall or on the order of two inch more with the downpours. we have that flash flood watch. up. row sky also clear pretty ng salvage a good saturday and sunday. we have traffic information.
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>> on the baltimore washington parkway they had an accident overnight that kept the closed in side laurel and 197. north of nes are open beltway. everything is free and clear e baltimore shington parkway, new york avenue, there is some police . tivity you cannot get out of the 50 or the and access or access new york arkway or kelt worth avenue. more o to news desk for details. >> we are following breaking news that lisa was just talking about. lice are looking for two suspects after a chase overnight that ended in a crash. police tried to pull a vehicle related to stioning t least one reported carjacking. instead, the suspect led officers on a chase that ended
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and new corner of 50 york avenue. the suspect ran off into the woods. all lanes are now open on the b.w. parkway northbound after a one-car accident. the highway ff near 10:00 last night laurel.7 in ll four people inside were trapped. wo of them were flown to trauma centers with life threatening injuries and the t down. arkway was shu remain hbound lanes closed throughout much of this morning. >> our other big story. we could be just hours away from the final flight of the space shuttle program, that is if the weather holds up. k here from ve loo cape canaveral where atlantis at 11:26 ed to launch this morning. no-go is there is a 70% orecast due rain and thunderstorms. launch, the y ur-crew load will carr
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supplies to the international space station. new this morning, seven ople and a expected gunman are all dead after a shooting ree yesterday in grand apids, michigan. 34-year-old rodrick shonte dantzler shot seven people cluding his daughter and exgirlfriend before leading people on a chase and taking hostages. when andoff finally ended dantzler shot himself in the escaped.the hostages hours. s been a busy 24 meanwhile, two children still chain ng after a scary reaction crash on the beltway yesterday. >> that's right. e crash killed one man and left traffic snarled for hours. it all started with a flat ire. > police say around 6:00 the cadillac white a flat. ver to change
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behind amaritan stopped m to help and then the unthinkable happened. out of its veered lane and hit the two vehicles from behind. changing the man o cars between the tw nd it burst into flames. >> the cascade of eventses took man ife of a 27-year-old the cadillac and sent two other adults as well as two other girls under the age of 8 hospital and left of drivers stuck in the gridlock. more important than the puts ck, people said it things in perspective. w quickly the ho most precious things can happen. >> anything can happen. it just makes you appreciate life. >> now it is 4:35. going to have o wait a little longer for her .hot at freedom
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her da officials announced release date will be pushed 17 after days to july served.ating her days he was sentenced to four years police.after lying to served and s time ime off for good behavior. space shuttle he program could hurt some businesses in florida. signs today ing to that the economy is picking up steam. have kelly here live from bloomberg headquarters in new york. good morning. >> good morning. urvey in jobs says better picture hiring with the report due in four hours. 100,000 dicted to show rkers added last month and ahead of those? s stock futures now are flat
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again. to see estors waiting at those numbers shape up :30. have been fs announced this year. the d pop shops around center in nedy space hit as could take a ewer tourists flock to the . ea to see the launches lot students use laptops. companies are pulling out all e stops trying attract business. mac and y an apple the app a gift card to store. rry potter mania already hitting london ahead of the here in the 'll have more on that coming
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p in my next report. that's business for now. back to you. > thank you. :38 is the time. >> still to come on "good morning washington," looking into metro's future. at a ride on the rail also look like in the next few years. >> adam has the full forecast. that's coming up next.
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>> we'll start friday morning don't e sunshine but let that deceive you. we are expecting very heavy rainfall especially in the afternoon and evening. partly now we have cloudy skies overhead. there. uiet out 'll be quiet through the morning commute up until lunchtime. this energy down to the south is all going to converge close resulting in areas f heavy showers and even a few thunderstorms, some of which could become serious. our break it down with futurecast. showers beginning to develop ate this morning, especially around lunchtime, scattered in ature and very widespread. numerous showers and storms nto the afternoon and evening. pretty much the entire washington area, green and
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yellow with those downpours asting through the night y night, tapering off earl tomorrow morning. don't be surprise standard you at up to a few showers, least for early risers on it day morning, otherwise will be a very pleasant day tomorrow and a very good weekend. the flash flood watch is in effect for the majority. ighs in the mid 80's and possibly some severe storms. lots of sunshine this weekend with highs around 90. lisa? >> ok. a very busy night. a crash northbound on the baltimore washington parkway at has been cleared out of the roadway. the e're looking live at baltimore washington parkway ving now both directions northbound and southbound at the split for new york avenue. they had some police activity in the area. allowed d traffic is but at the 02 decision point for new york enue they are wrapping up an
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overnight incident. so out of the district it is w completely open on northbound, 295. southbound traffic looks like we have some moving now in the area. e'll keep you updated as things change. >> all right, thanks, lisa. of still looks like lot volume for this time of morning. t is 4:43 now. coming up, metro's next generation. at a ride underground will 2013.ike in under suspect
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>> welcome back, everyone. at 4:46 this friday morning, in charged ead, a woman ith murdering a co-worker in ethesda is due in court this morning. brittany norwood allegedly murray back in march. an employee has been summoned appear at the pretrial hearing. they are expected to testify bout comments she made after her arrest. 7 i-team g, our abc closer look into a suspected arsonist arrested for a spree of fires. among the most destructive was fire in northeast that njured five d.c. firefighters. these are the charred emains of an april fire that
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hters. five d.c. firefig some severe . police believe they have the man responsible not only for others in ut eight maryland. t from waking ghter came everybody up saying there is a fire. he house is on fire. >> 26-year-old maurice dews was seen at several of the fires first on cases was location always seen snapping video taping the the firefighters fighting them. at ust sit there and look at six flags on a roller coaster get allege thrill out of it. -- getting a thrill out of it. think he has a mental problem. he tried to run away from the afternoonist. detained and ally questioned by police officers ut always denied any involvement. during one intergation he
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became defensive and slammed and told on the table the officer you don't know what i'm capable of. ince being arrested he admitted to starting at least nine. most were just blocks from his ome. > it could have been our house. you know, it could have been . now 4:48. metro'sting a look a . nal design for rail cars they will replace metro's 1,000 series the cars starting in 2013. they are designed to be safer. and gray ave a blue olor scheme. a traffic alert for commuters in prince william . unty
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parking at uter irst baptist church. open temporary lot will the y on land that borders lake ridge commuter lot. too.rking is tight there supreme court decision allows gun sales in the district but the city must ind a registered dealer. wal-mart could be an option but sell rt says it won't guns at its d.c. stores. residentses have mixed actions about a gun dealer moving into their neighborhood. around things happen here as it is. city's only he licensed dealer is not doing usiness. > turning now to politics, democrats and republicans are till said to be far apart on deficit. reducing the president obama called yesterday's meeting between top
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congressional leaders constructive but said both sides had a long way to go efore the august 2 deadline. e president is planning to s back to the er white house for more talks this unday. h:50.ime now is 74 degrees on this friday. law ing up next, a new lows people on two wheels to drive through red lights with a few exceptions. we'll explain. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg,
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n 4:53. g up o this is friday morning with a bit of sunshine out there. too much. eceive you e are going to have some g in. weather movin mid through, lunchtime and thereafter, we'll have thunderstorms moving in. the nager you see off to storms sing showers and kentucky, tennessee and ohio. that energy offshore off the to lina coastline are going converge close to the d.c. area resulting in showers and thunderstorms. by late morning and especially around lunchtime, the first scattered storms will develop. everybody is seeing showers and storms at some point throughout the afternoon and evening and the night. timesll be heavy a
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indicated in our futurecast by and red color there. flash d lead to some . ooding d watches will be in the region. the weekend is looking sunny and near 90. lisa? >> well, it was a little bit rocky this morning. they had a lot of activity on e baltimore washington paschway but everything is gone. northbound is open at 197. both directions open. cameraman was of there and they said move along to the next story. let's move on the virginia where it is a good ride. the beltway, 5, in ilson bridge and quiet traffic center.
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>> i'm glad everything is getting back to normal just in hour. r rush widening the big divide n car drives and . clists >> what are we talking about? do? like what do we l 're waiting for a car to pul up behind us. those two aw for from eels will peep her -- keep her from waiting on a red light. i would make a right turn turn to nother right be technically right. to roll ill allow them light after they ave waited 120 seconds and rr there is no on-coming traffic. because i exciting derstand why it can be hazardous and there are times there are no cars and we're
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just sitting there waiting. that is good to know. small victory in the constant battles between those bikes and those on four wheels. the main concern with the red light rule, drives feel it is putting the brakes on safety. it is actually a terrible idea. i would never -- if you were on you're ving fast, ght in front of a driver before you know what is going on. . ople break the laws anyway to ess ticket police have worry about writing. i don't see the logic behind t. all right. wait 120 seconds? can't wait that long. >> 4:156 your time. t is now 74 degrees.
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>> breaking news. crash. chase ends in a police are looking for two suspects. kills seven an people including his own children. > plus waiting for an historic launch. will the spate shuttle atlantis get off the ground this morning? "good morning washington" begins right now.

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